International Impact | Swyft-Group is an international consulting organisation active in Africa, the Middle East, the Americas and Europe offering a dedicated range of business management, digital, marketing and event services
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Swyft-Group provides services through three entities working hand in hand

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Together we deliver your  <b><u>future</u></b>
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Together we deliver your future


Swyft Group’s diverse, global teams bring extensive industry, bilateral expertise, and a range of perspectives to enable change through leading-edge management consulting as well as logistics, technology and design, digital and business purpose.

We believe that success can only be achieved in a modern organisation with a combination of digital and human capability wrought in through the fire of innovation. Collaboration is at the heart of the firm and it permeates throughout all levels of our client engagement enabling us to deliver results that help our clients thrive.

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Our consultants are always forging new paths and creating new knowledge in their fields, which makes them highly effective change agents for our clients.

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