Business Skills to Learn from Women

It is international women’s day today! Right from our immediate community and to the world at large, we see various women taking charge in the business and digital marketing scene.

The likes of Virginia Rometty of IBM, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo- Iweala of the World Trade Organization, Kamala Harris of the United States of America, and various women on the scene that we even might never get to hear their names.

At Swyft, we #choosetochallenge structures and policies that hinder women from growing, and hindrances to blossom and be relevant in their various careers. This is because time has shown that women have a lot more to offer.

We have seen women taking high positions in the world over the years and there is so much good to say about the level of productivity that they bring to the table.

Asides from training, research has shown that women naturally have some instincts and character traits that put them at an advantage some of the time. Harvard business review says that women score higher in leadership tests.

This shows that women naturally have some traits and skills that are important and necessary in running a successful business, or at gaining a great level of productivity in life in general. Have a look at some of them.


This is referred to as the ability to perform more than one task satisfactorily at a time. Despite new studies that disagree with women being better at multitasking, time and experience have shown that most men are incapable of paying attention to more than a thing at a time. 

While it isn’t all women who can do this well, a large percentage of females have mastered the art of multitasking. It sometimes can be the summary of how they live. 

This is a trait or ability that would make you effective as a business owner. In our world today, intentionality is what makes a business stand out. Achieving intentionality as a business greatly relies on the leadership of the business. 

Being detail-oriented and intentional as a business owner especially at the early stages requires some level of multi-tasking that should be learnt from the masters- women!

Good Conversations

Most women are known to be good at engaging in conversations. Some even take it further to the level of small talks and gossip. This is one thing like money, that can be used for good or bad.

The ability to begin, sustain and stir conversations in the right direction is something that every business owner needs to master. It is widely known that women are more emotional while men are logical. However, in the business world today a key strategy to winning customers is the ability to appeal to their emotions. 

These days, people buy experiences much more than products. The ability to appeal to the emotions of all stakeholders has a huge part of talking and having a great conversation in it.


In normal circumstances, it’s rare for women to buy a product or service from the first vendor or even at the initial price. There is always that instinct to press and search for a better deal. Such an attribute is needed to maximize profit or minimize cost in business. 

As a business owner, you should be able to find a way around a lot of things and that’s exactly what women do.


Again, as a result of their emotional nature, women are more empathetic. They show more empathy than their male counterparts and touching people at the point of their humanity is what moves people to do your bidding.

To get to your clients and address their pain points, you have to be empathetic.

To get members of your staff to deliver great results, you need to be empathetic.

To get investors on your side, you also have to be empathetic.

While it is true that a businessman has no business being emotional, empathy is one important trait that you need to get the best out of your business moves.


This is highly debatable but statistics show that we have more women on the prim and proper side than on the disorganized bunch.

Being orderly puts a lot of structure into your work. It also eliminates high levels of stress that can cause breakdowns. It also saves you the time and energy that will be needed to pursue other profitable activities.

Fortunately, there are loads of tools such as asana and slack that can be used to improve your organization.


The act of being intuitive and taking initiative is something you have to pay attention to. While it looks like a natural trait, there is nothing that can’t be learnt.

Intuition comes from a place of well-grounded knowledge and experience and that is a result of one thing-Practice!

Practice! Practice! Practice! 

With time, you’ll be able to dodge potholes and business fails just because of your intuition.

Women are naturally intuitive but most of their intuition comes from what they have observed and learnt over time.

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