Idea owner + existing company

More than money, we help founders be successful by working with them on their ideas. We make small investments in return for small stakes in the companies we fund.

We spent a lot of time figuring out what things people want and how to make them. We helped companies (small to large) in various sectors launch, grow or transform their business all over Europe, the US, Asia and now Africa.

We select a set number of start-ups to assist, as we think it gives better results if we concentrate on a limited number, providing maximum support. We employ the latest tools, methodologies and techniques used commonly in Europe, US and Asia that proved to be efficient such as the Agile methodology, Lean Startup, etc...

Our Commitment to Founders

Seed funding

we provide seed funding to Sub-Saharan African startups - the earliest stage of venture funding

business growth

we bring practical expertise, tools and services to empower you to grow your business

industry agnostic

we work with you on your idea, no matter the industry

validate business model

we assist you to validate and/or improve your business model


we assist you to structure your operations to ensure scalability

additional funding

we assist you to prepare for requesting additional funding

increase visibility

we assist you to connect, increase visibility and attract valuable resources

global market

we assist you to confirm that there is a big enough market and work to expand your business to local and international markets

Founders' commitment

It takes two to tango; Founders have to bring the following to the table for a successful business and partnership.

  • you have to come up with ideas
  • you are responsible for creating your team
  • you retain full control on decisions
  • you run the product tests and experiments
  • you decide what changes to apply to your business model

Ready to turn your idea into a profitable business? It’s as easy as 1-2-3

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2. Submit your application.
3. There is no 3. Get on with it :)

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