It is difficult for small and medium businesses in Africa to obtain funding, let alone start-ups.

As an Investor, you will most likely be weary of receiving projects proposals that are poorly structured, do not have a proper business model nor proof that there is a market to be attacked or that the proposed business is scalable.

swyft group will provide an antidote to your weariness. We shall offer you vetted, start-ups with explosive potential, with all the data and information you will need to verify the opportunity.
When the selected start-ups finish our program, they will have learnt the basics of running a company. But it doesn't stop there; swyft and its Mentors will offer on-going assistance to give the startup the best possible chance of success.

We have skin in the game! We make small investments in return for small stakes in the companies we fund. This is a proof we are dedicated to ensure start-ups have a sound and scalable business model as well as showing our support.
Investors can see it as a proof we invest money and efforts to really make it work.

Our Commitment to Investors


carry out a thorough selection of all start-ups

Validate business

Assist selected founders validate business model and market ready (experiments, feedback…)

Structure Projects

Assist founders structure their project/company (Accounting, Marketing, etc..) and prepare for scale.


Present you with curated projects for review and opportunities to fund

Expansion Across

Assist founders with planning their expansion across other markets in the African region

Business network

Assist founders expand their business network

recruitment events

Organize events to recruit potential candidates to our select programme


Give you access to our select start-up (before/during/after the programme)

negotiations with start-ups

Give you prime access to review and enter in negotiation with our select start-ups


Increase you portfolio visibility

Investors' Contribution

  • What investors bring to the table

    • Tell us what you want to see
    • Recommend start-ups that could benefit from our programme
    • Use swyft services to assist you bring structure, confirm/improve business model of startup/companies from your portfolio
    • Provide subsequent subsequent rounds

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  • Why choose us?

    At swyft, we combine more than 30 years of experience in helping small to large companies in a large number of sectors such as Automotive, Car rental, Catering, eCommerce, Education, Energy & Utilities, Film industry, Finance, Hospitality, Internet & Mobile, IT Services, Manufacturing, Public Sector, Retail, Social Media, Telecom, Travel amongst others.
    We supported them during the setup, growth and transformation of their business all over Europe, the US, Asia and now Africa.
    We enjoy a local network through our offices in Lomé, Togo and Lagos, Nigeria as well as international exposure through offices in London, UK and Paris, France.

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