Welcome to the Swyft Blog!

Imagine you knew all you know now when you were setting out to begin your first business, I am sure you would have crashed some of the world’s record by now.

Information is power and funnily the world doesn’t give exemptions because you are ignorant of tips that could place you in a better position. 

We wouldn’t want you to be ignorant of anything that would be essential or instrumental to you doing your business on a better scale…. So we came! We are your dream come true!

As a business owner, you must have realized the importance of digital marketing, marketing trends, and other information required to move your business forward in this digital age. Providing you with such content is why we are here! 

What is the Swyft blog?

The swyft blog is an extension of the swyft group, a multilingual organization created to help you develop businesses in Africa. Swyft group provides consulting services, an academy to train your team to get better results, and an agency that can take up your business’s digital marketing, event management, and digital solutions like a pro, check out more on that here

In line with our vision, we recognize a need to provide content to help you on your journey to developing your business here in Africa.

What to Expect?


In summary, premium content always! 

We are committed to bringing you content relating to Digital marketing trends, email marketing trends, social media trends for your business. Coupled with a lot of how-tos, what not to do, and a lot of other goodies, just to make your business thrive.

On this blog, we’ll offer you some lessons, tips, inside information, and things that you don’t hear every day about launching your business, moving it forward, and reaching your goals.

You might wonder, why you should trust us, here are some reasons:

We have trained skills and “know-how” that have worked with the things we’ll be sharing and have results to show for it.

We have worked with a couple of organizations such as Napex, Red cross, Teg campus, fusion concept exports as well as many others using these tips

Our dream is to help you establish your business, so you can bank on us to go all the way to get you to that dream!

Aside from that, you get to be a part of a community of business owners and entrepreneurs. You know what that means in the world of marketing right?

Finally, you can ask us questions about marketing your business or topics you’ll like us to touch on in subsequent posts.

We are the genie to your Aladdin! Welcome on board! 

Please say hi in the comments, so we can get to know each other.

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